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Mackay Family Genealogy, Robert Lindsay Mackay

My grandfather spent the greater part of his retirement researching his Mackay Family Genealogy. This site holds records of many hundreds of relatives and includes some splendid reconstructions of their lives and many great photographs.

In around 1975, Mary Kille made tape recordings of Robert and Margaret as follows:

Sheila Mackay Genealogy

We know rather less of my mother's ancestors than we might like, especially on her father's side, but what is known is in the Family Tree of Sheila Thorne Hague.

Alan Mackay

My father's Wikipedia entry includes a certain amount on the Quasicrystal history and his minimal surface models can be browsed and bought from Shapeways. The Sho Takahashi web site is a showcase of the Curved World of Sho Takahashi. See also pages on Roger Penrose and Donald Booth.

Mary Kille

Here is Mary's Three Careers autobiography with her account of a medical life in Anesthesia, Family Planning and Sexual Assault. (Original WORD format document).

Mary was interviewed in 2007 by Rob Willis for the Australian National Archives Project, conversing on Anesthesia, Family Planning and Sexual Assault: Part One and Part Two (an hour each).

Mary has written an account of the Mackay Clan history and her immediate ancestors, including a description of MBM and RLM's experiences of the two world wars: With a Spoonful of Medicine. There is also the original Word version if that is preferred.

Mary has also collated the letters of Gilmour Ewing Brown, a mining engineer, whose travels through South America and the Far East before the first world war are a facinating read: The Journeyings of Gilmour Ewing Brown. Also the Original Word version.